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Diastasis Recti | Getting Closure with Dani Hemmat

November 4, 2015

Dani Hemmat is a Restorative Exercise Specialist™ and host of the popular "KatySays" Podcast. She is the owner of Move Your Body Better, a business dedicated to helping people feel strong, balanced and healthy.

In this interview, Dani shares her experience with diastasis recti. "Five years after having my second child, my belly looked 7 months pregnant. I did Pilates, crunches—nothing worked, but it all hurt my back. A chronic chiropractor junkie, I spent hours and hours every month in their offices, wondering why I was cursed with debilitating back pain. Add in constant anti-inflammatory medication and pain killers, and I was heading down the wrong path for my long-term health.

I tried a popular diastasis-healing method, which brought on a whole new host of body pain and problems. Unhappy with popular fitness solutions and determined to end my pain and feel better, I explored many wellness modalities. All paths to learning true lasting wellness led me to find Katy Bowman’s work in biomechanics and alignment, and Sue Hitzmann’s work with myofascial release self-treatments."

Listen in to discover how she transformed her diastasis from 11 finger widths to 3!

You can find more information about Dani and her services: or her facebook page

For more information about Susan McLaughlin, physical therapist go to: or her facebook page

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